Stephanie Chisholm is from Miami, FL where she grew up studying gymnastics, dance, musical theater and later aerial arts. She specializes in hoop, quad straps, silk and duo hoop and also has experience on trapeze, bungee, harness, and aerial net. Stephanie is also a model and artistic collaborator with photographers around the world.

As an aerialist Stephanie has performed with Dreamcast Entertainment, Cirque le Masque, The Adrienne Arsht Center, Ohlala The Love Circus, Schuhbecks’ Teatro, Palazzo Colombino, Harold Wolfahrt’s Palazzo, AEG Entertainment, Kinetix at Busch Gardens, Giffords Circus, Le Cirque with the World’s Top Performers and performed at the Festival Internacional de Circ in Figueres, Spain. Stephanie was part of Tommy Hilfiger's Rock Circus runway show in London in 2017 with No Fit State Circus and was the featured aerialist for Telemundos upfront gala in NYC in 2018. She has performed in the U.S., Canada, Turks and Caicos, Haiti, The Bahamas, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, India and Switzerland.

Stephanie models and collaborates with several artists including Spencer Tunick, Joronne Jeter, Livio Moiana, Andrew Einhorn, and Andrew Foster. She has also worked with David Niles on video installation artworks.